Walk Updates - This page gives information on route directions contained in the book which are known to have changed


Changes Relating To First Edition 

Walk 6 - High Barnet to Arnos Grove -Page 28 Paragraph 4

New Barnet built a leisure centre across the route. After the sentence which concludes with the words "Lawton Road"  -the rest of the paragraph should now read as follows ;

Follow the left-hand footway uphill beside a hedge and turn left into the driveway to New Barnet Leisure Centre. (Refreshments and toilets available) Follow the pathway which goes to the right of the building. Walk down the side and continue with a hedge on your left to reach a stone fountain. Turn left and leave the park. 

these changes are incorporated in the second edition "Reprinted 2020"

Changes Relating to Second Edition Reprinted 2020

Walk 17 -  There is a typo on page 64.   The River Ingrebourne rises in "Brentwood" not in Brentford.

Walk 14 Paragraph 3 -  A new section of the Thames Path has been opened.  Text currently reads

3. Turn right and walk for 400m, passing the sign for Isleworth. Where the main road turns left, turn right on Lion Wharf Road and walk down to the riverside. Turn left and pass between Town Wharf pub and the river. ............

Should Read

3. Turn right and walk for 50m.  Turn right through an opening in the wall and follow the path ahead as it returns to the river and swings left for 300m to meet Lion Wharf Road. Go ahead and pass between town Wharf pub and the river.......

Walk 20 - The Swan Pub at Ley Hill has now closed.  The Crown remains open



Walk 21 -  Page 79 Paragraph 6 -  The text reads  "Climb some steps and cross a metal bridge over South Dock. Turn left at the end and walk along the quayside for 200m. Turn right  between some low-walled grassy beds to a road (Marsh Wall)."  Please note that there are currently some building works which may prevent access to Marsh Wall until you have walked a greater distance along the quayside.

Walk 24 - Please note that dogs are not permitted in Walthamstow Wetlands


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